Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Yet another stunning part of the world hidden this time in the north east of Vietnam. And once again I am at a loss for decent vocabulary in which to describe it! I'm really going to have to sort out my totally linguistic inadequacy before I start to try and teach English - blame 3yrs of a Science degree perhaps...
The thing that struck me first was the weird perspective Sapa has... I haven't seen many mountains or views that have so much going on vertically, so it felt almost unreal to see mountains stretching high up into the clouds and also sweeping down into the mist, so you can neither see the top of bottom of anything. Everything is also watercolour paint colours so it gives you the feeling you really are looking at a huge backdrop to an amazing play. It actually looked a bit 'Lord of the Rings' like Dad! Talk about Misty Mountains! :)

...more to come...

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