Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hello Nha Trang

Arrived in Nha Trang. What an odd place! Full of Russians with severe hair cuts and colours wearing scary swimsuits.. This place is going too be huge in a few years though... some kind of Florida (90210 TV programme type) place...

When we arrived there were huge waves crashing onto the beach and it was really windy - we were the only white girls to go running and leaping into the sea unsurprisingly!

We got pretty beaten up by the waves, but it was great fun. Did a dance of celebration when we got to our hotel room - it's not a scary commune yay! and your feet don't get wet when you turn on the tap! And the shower doesn't feel like you are just being weed on from a great height :)
Even in such a tourist land though we still managed to find something truly Vietnamese to do - heard some chanting and followed it till we found a pagoda. Were encouraged to sit down by the Pagoda guard where we had a cup of tea (the most disgusting tea I have ever had) and a cigarette while listening to the chanting and watching the rats run through the pagoda.

Then today was a beach day :) sunbathed, ate a TUNA MAYO SANDWICH AND CHIPS and took some obligatory 'bikini pics' as after my food poisoning and all the amazing healthy food I'm feeling slightly more of a skinny runt now.

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