Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vung Tau and the power of a sunset

As most of you probably know, I had a tough week last week. My first real 'low' since February really. Each of us girls had a lots going on and I think we were all feeling the pressure of the city and unintentionally increasing each others anxiety.. Plus the build up of a few unpleasant situations put us all in a bad place.. Chuck in some homesickness and culture shock and you make for dramatic posts/messages - for which I am sorry and I won't do again.
Also Sophie, my wonderful travelling buddy who I know always has my back even when I'm bloody annoying and who will always always have a special 'Soph loaf' shaped place in my heart, has left for new ventures.
And so a new chapter as the Saigon Sisters begins.. But first we all needed to shake off the last week and take some 'maning up' time.
An hour and a half boat ride later and we arrive at Vung Tau - a purely Vietnamese holiday destination, with a sunset to restore any lost faith I was feeling.

Spent a few chilled days drinking take away CafĂ© Sua Da, and Com Sa`un (iced sweet coffee and sticky rice and pork) on the beach with a very excited Vietnamese fan club watching our every move - particularly when we did something weird like swim in a bikini or lie in the sun :) Alot of the Vietnamese who go to Vung Tau come from local rural areas and a sighting of a white person is pretty rare, and also worthy of a photograph...! Julianne was handed a baby at one point so the parents could photograph their kid with her (I should also mention this 8month old baby was wearing a baseball cap with had a fake curly blond ponytail wig sticking out from under it).

Lots of laughter and good talks with the girls. And now I am back in HCMC and back on the job hunt and still waiting to hear the date I can move into my new apartment with my new American buddies :)
I'll leave you with this fantastic sign to ponder....

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