Sunday, 30 June 2013

The other 2 jobs!

I realise I haven’t told you all about my other two jobs here! So here goes….

The dentist job:

This is the strangest job I seem to have picked up here, and to be honest even after 2months of doing it I’m not really sure what I am supposed to be doing!
I was approached through craigslist where I had put up an ad for private English tuition by a dentist who had just started at a dental clinic here. He was unhappy with how things were running at the clinic and wanted someone to come in and improve the level of English used and also to try and make the standard of service more ‘western’… he wanted me to come to the clinic at least once a week, and promised to pay me pretty well under the title of ‘business English Consultant’.
So I’ve been turning up to this dental clinic attempting to squeeze conversational English out of the receptionists a couple of times a week for the last month and I’m not really sure how much help I am if I’m honest! I tell myself I am ‘improving English listening skills’, ‘providing the opportunity for pronunciation practise’ and ‘enhancing language confidence’… but that’s all CV speak!
The twist in the story is that the dentist has now been fired, and yet they seem to be keeping me on?!

My private students:

Since the unpleasant incident with my last attempt to earn money privately I have been wary of taking on private students totally independently so when I was approached through an agency I decided to take the job.
I have been tutoring 4 teenagers in someone’s motorbike garage for the last 2months now. The group is pretty funny – they were very suspicious of me to start with and quite the bunch of shy surly teens! But now at least two of them have come out of themselves a bit and sometimes I even think I might be teaching them something!
The very best bit of these classes is one of the teens has a little sister called Xuka who is 3 and who LOVES me. She launches herself at me every time she sees me and falls about laughing, she also does this weird thing where she rubs her chin against mine really hard, she’s really really cute though. And it’s really therapeutic for me to have a proper cuddle with a kiddy twice a week – I do miss those runty little cousins of mine!

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