Thursday, 28 February 2013

Floating hotel, lizards galore, and 17hrs on a bus

Bright and early in the morning (5:30am start) and time for a trip to see the floating markets. Loved this trip because it didn't feel too touristy. Here is a lovely picture of me eating a tiny Vietnamese banana which I bought from a 7yr old boy who was in a rowing boat long side our tourist boat. He totally charmed me with his 'ooopoppp opan gangnam style' singing and dancing.

The markets were beautiful and so lively and colourful. Each boat only sells one thing and they advertise their produce by hanging it off a big pole attached to the front of their boat. There is a lot of talk and haggling going on (I presume) but also lots of oldies fast asleep in their hammocks too.

We pulled in to get some petrol for the boat and as Laura and I were sat at the back near the petrol pump thing we got the most attention from the boat/garage boys. They couldn't speak any English of course but happily handed us over a beer each and waved us off cheerfully. The people really are so friendly here - //I just wish I could get the hang of the language... The pronouciation is IMPOSSIBLE - I hae been trying for weeksto perfect how to say 'sin chao' (hello), 'sin louee' (sorry) and 'cam onn' (thank you) but if you get the accent even a tiny bit off they really don't have a clue what you are saying.. So trying anything more complicated is pretty out of the question right now.

Had a very giggley girlie evening laughing our heads off in the bar of our floating hotel. A lizard fell on Julianne and she screamed and threw it on Laura... We also thoroughly enjoyed the menu... Micellanneous broth and 'see poo pizza' yumm...
The next day before we started our marathon 17hr bus journey up to Dalat we visited a minority community village in the Mekong.
We only walked around for an hour but it was wonderful. A real insight into another way to live. All the houses were on stilts,and under most of them was a well worn old loom (for making fabric). Such a difference to the houses on the river and the thin jumbled bookcase-like houses of Siagon.

I always feel a bit uncomfortable when we go to these places and just walk around taking photos of peoples homes and looking at the people a bit like zoo animals so I always try and buy something from someone even if it's only tiny - it makes me feel a little less guilty but I do still feel like we are being very nosey...
At this village I bought a sort of coconut rice macaroon cooked by this lady in this hot pots - it was delishous and she seemed really touched that I liked it so much too.
I also had a lovely wordless exchange with an old lady how was eyeing us very suspiciously as we walked past her house. I saw she was wearing trousers always identical to mine - dark blue with white polka dots. I called out to her and pointed to my trousers and smiled and she realised what I was saying and absolutely fell about laughing. It was such a lovely lovely moment,she even started calling out to her neighbours who came out their homes to see what all the fuss was about. It really made my day.
Back on the bus and the next brief stop was this beautiful cliff side temple where we could actually see the Cambodian boarder.


And then on through the night to Dalat.....

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