Saturday, 2 February 2013

O? lets flip 180... No internship in Vietnam anymore.

4 days before I'm due to fly to HCMC to start my teaching internship and I receive an email...


The last 48hours have seen a range of emotions for me. Mainly fear, angry, frustration and desperate sadness. I had set my heart on teaching in Vietnam and it was a real dream that was going to come true. Or so I thought.

I am now faced with 4 options:

1.   Go to Vietnam  and travel with complete strangers also thrown into the same situation.

2.   Go to HCMC and then go on to Hong Kong and then China (where it is Winter..!) to teach in a school for 5 months.

3.   Go to HCMC and travel with the other interns for 10 weeks and then fly to Thailand in April where I could do a teaching internship before flying straight back to the UK to start my PGCE in Exeter.  
4.   Back out now and get a refund - although I've spent over £300 on injections and also bought clothes and things for this trip...
I have decided to fly out, and meet up with as many other interns as I can and then make my decision while I am there.
It's been one hell of an adventure and I haven't even left my house...
Bring me the sunshine, some lovely friends, some beers, and a fantastic adventure in Asia.

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