Tuesday, 26 February 2013

See you later Siagon

Going to miss this beautiful city and the little community we had going on in our house. Even on our last day we went to a roof top swimming pool and had tea and biscuits with Candy and some good heart to hearts with the boys.
Headed to the Mekong, but being touristy again feels weird... I think I find being a tourist a bit contrived - which is ridiculous because obviously I am a tourist, but I did come here to live and teach even if it has fallen through.. We are talking about the possibility of heading straight to the orphanage after Dalat and then 2 of the girls are thinking about going back to Siagon and trying to get jobs. It's a bit frightening thinking the group might separate so soon but I have to try and stick with my instincts which is to see how I find the orphanage work and to make a decision based on that...
Today we went to a coconut sweet making house, a honey farm, a fruit café where they sny some traditional music (and 'if your happy and you know it clap your hands') and took 3 different little boats around the islands - described by our tour guide as ''same same but different''. 
Picturesque place but the plans for the next few weeks are distracting.


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