Friday, 15 February 2013

I sshalll have a fishy on a little dishy when the boat comes in

Writing this having my breakfast of banana pancake fritter and lemon juice. Sat with the gang all researching our next move...
The plan today is to internet search for voluntary projects, and then go into town to get a present for ms jenny (our hotel owner) who has said we can stay in her house in siagon when we head back next week for free!
Julianne, sophie, laura and I have decided we are going to go and do some volunteering... we are looking into orphanages and community projects at the moment in the central highlands area of Nam. And sophie and I are also thinking about visting the Friendship village where victims of Agent Orange (the acid attacks during the war) live - even 3rd generation their children are deformed... The West is so protected from all the reality of it.
On a more positive note: 
Went to a crazy fish night market last night. there were loads of these weird rainbow sea slug things and massive mutant prawn lobsters!

bought myself my first souvenirs - a shell inlaid wooden box, comb, and mirror for about £1. we also all got leather band round our we look like proper grubbly little travellers.
Been hanging out on our beach a lot, just reading my kindle and chatting. I'm the only one not to have got sunburnt yet!....

The Vietnamese have sussed out we love their children so now everywhere we go they just give us their kids! Even in the travel agent yesterday a little boy was just handed over to us!

Back to researching now. Bye for now


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